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Devlog 1: Server development
Started by AidanTheBandit



19 Jun 2022
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24 Jul 2022

Hello! We have started to bring back features that you guys enjoyed! We have brought back many of the NPCs you guys loved on the survival server and updated spawn to accommodate them better. New items and quests are added to give a more MMO feel without overdoing it. Turf wars are getting a new letterboard system, six custom new maps bringing the total to 8 maps, and new kits. We are also bringing Prisons to the server. Prisons is a fun minigame where you have to mine to gain money and rankup. You also get better items, a higher rank, better mines, and more PvP zones as you progress. Your goal is to become the most successful prisoner on the server. We have also added Creative to the server. Creative is a plotworld where you can build, showcase, and even buy and sell plots. Creative allows you to help show your talent when it comes to building. All of the players coming from the old BanditMC ( welcome! To make it clear, This is NOT a reboot! And for everyone rejoining us from BanditMC V5 and below (, welcome back! We hope you guys enjoy the new take on the server and have a great time! We will continue to keep posting updates on this forum. If you would like to join, feel free to make an account! Once you have an account, you can talk and suggest other features!

AidanTheBandit · 5 months ago